And So It Begins...Again

Aside from finishing, starting a new book is probably one of my favorite stages of production. Everything is new, exciting, yet to be discovered. It’s the time where I feel the least pressure because ANYTHING is possible and I can really let my mind wander, create, and dig into the psyche of my characters without having to stick to any foundations that have already been laid. It’s fun to imagine their conflicts, flaws…desires, and how all of those elements might possibly come together to create a central story line.

Additionally, there is the shopping for new office supplies–which I love way more than I should. I went to Office Max yesterday, in preparation, and my daughter called me mid-browse, deep in the Post-It note aisle.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Office Max.”



“Oh my God, mom…it’s been over a hour.”

I picked up a four pack of tropical hued square notes and considered how those fruity colors might make me feel when they were stuck to every surface of my office three weeks from now. “I’ll be home soon,” I lied, and put the notes back–too festive.


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Written by OpheliaHouse