When I was younger (pre-motherhood) traveling was my job…and I LOVED it. Back then, I was an ace at the barely packed bag. After babies, well, I got accustomed to lugging around a double stroller, fully functioning and well stocked diaper bag, and clothes, clothes, clothes to spare–you know, “just in case.”

On my last big trip (pictured above, me and daughter at Somerset House in London) my bags were packed to bursting. So much so, that I had an incredibly difficult, and embarrassing, time trying to shove my bag into the too small overhead bin. My younger more travel savvy self cringed, cursed, and basically shook her head at me. “You know better!! Did I teach you nothing woman?” You might notice from the picture that my daughter no longer requires diapers, toys, bibs, or extra clothing “just in case.” Additionally, she is completely capable of lugging around all her own stuff now. Why did I pack like I was moving to London–we were there only a week!

So, this is my new obsession: Traveling light. I mean, really light. Tiny, bare essentials, fit everything you need into one small bag that will fit under the seat in front of you. And this blog, HerPackingList, is showing me the way.

I love all the ideas, product reviews, and real world executions of these women getting it all into one small bag and STILL looking good and having everything they really NEED.

So, I’ve order a new bag (more on this later) and I’ve begun rethinking how I travel now that I’m long past gate-checked strollers and sippy cups. Our next departure is this August, a road trip of yet to be determined length, and this will be my trial run!

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Written by OpheliaHouse